The society has a small committee of Trustees who are all volunteers. Each year the Trustees appoint a new President. Their role is to raise money for the annual appeal and attract new contributors each year to add to our Friends of the Society database. The people on our database are then sent a letter and brochure annually in the hope they will remember to donate. The President updates and designs the content of the brochure, usually holds at least one event to raise awareness of the good work the charity does which is paid for privately by them. As well as organise the annual Church service.

The Gloucestershire is one of the oldest societies within our region and is solely dedicated to assisting people in Bristol and Gloucestershire who have fallen through the cracks of our welfare system and are in desperate need of small sums that will make a real difference to their lives. We cannot hope to assist everyone who asks for help, but we do make our resources go as far as we can by keeping our overheads to the barest minimum.

Three of the Trustees oversee the requests for donations, which typically come from council social workers, and organisations who work with people in crises. Each request received is assessed and donations made and recorded. The Gloucestershire Society is not a rich organisation and currently raises on average around £50,000 a year.

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2015 - The Mulberry Bush School
2016 - The Nelson Trust
2017 - Hope for Tomorrow
2018 - Brain Tumour Support
2019 - Friends of Tetbury Hospital